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. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" on the cw. >> i picked today because i thought there's nobody down there, dead quiet, so i thought, okay, no one is going to even see pea. >> a daring stunt on a san francisco high-rise. why skyscraper man scaled 60 floors to make a point. has craigslist shut down its adult services the ads migrate elsewhere. >> censorship or publicity stunt. what they say is the web site's true intentions. fire claims her home but not her spirit. a young woman determined to keep her family together. >> why are they trying to kick tout home less no, dollar menu, no bathrooms, what are we gonna do? >> and the burger barack obama ha ha? mcdonald's. why some feel a price increase is about more than money. good evening, i'm dana king. it is a stunt straight out of
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"spiderman," tonight the man who scaled a san francisco high- rise earlier today is talking about what he is up to and here is the crime speeding up, without warning he began his assent of the millenium tower around 2:00. joe vasquez talked to him after he was released from custody tonight is a. >> he calls himself skyscraper man. >> reporter: for three hours he climbed a month lynn yum tower while a captivated and amused crowd crane their necks before. >> he should have tried to climb the corporate ladder. >> this is guy goodwin who claims to have scaled the world trade center, as well as sears tower and other tall buildings since. he is not wearing a harness, he had sophisticated suckings cups.
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some residents took pictures from inside as he made his way up 60 stories. >> i popped the french champagne thinking he was the frenchman and he friend and kept going. he is very robotic in his movements, he knows what he is doing, he has done this before obviously all over the world, i wish him the best of luck? around 5:15 in the afternoon he reached the top. they helped him display an american flag, the firefighters, and then he was arrested and released less than two hours later with misdemeanor citations. he as climbing the millenium tower for two reasons, he says he is a survivor of company low rectal cancer, and he said he wanted people to know skyscrapers are vulnerable to terrorist, he said he was working with special for thes before september 11th to stop an attack. >> i thought someone was going to parade these terrorists
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before tv and it never happened and instead i saw 911 happened and after that i felt this tremendous guilt. >> clearly you take this seriously, you had your causes you were hoping to draw attention to. and what do you say to people who use a lot of fire and police resources. that was a publicity stunt. >> first of all to address the part about, you know, limited resources, i get that. i picked that side of the building because i thought okay, no one is going to even see me, i thought that actually i was hoping that i could maybe even do it without anyone knowing. >> you were hoping to draw attention to causes but you were hoping no one saw you as well? >> yeah, umm, well you know when you go to do anything you have to have a press statement. i mean you want to state, clarify what it is you want to do. >> now, joe also reports that dan good win was cited fortress pass, he is planning a future
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climb but he won't say where or when. it seems getting rid of sex ads is a lot more difficult than just deleting a link. seth doan on why some say the ads are still there. >> reporter: despite the bright blue links advertising everything from appliances to toys on craigslist this black bar reading "section soared" is now attracting the most attention. it's craigslist' 8 letter response to this from attorney generals in 8 states. they called for them to get rid of the site which called for dollars for sex. >> human trafficking results in tragedies for children and others. craigslist voluntarily, fortunately, is doing the right thing. >> reporter: why did craigslist slap "section soared up over the living," why not take the link up. >> they probably used the word
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"section soared" because they are trying to make a political statement. >> after all, the law sides with craigslist. according to first amendment lawyer doug more el. >> the communications decency act says essentially those who are simply provide agriculture bulletin board by which others can post their content is not going to be liable for the content itself. >> reporter: that content is big business for the company. by some estimates potentially $45 million this year. craigslist is no stranger to con from servicesy. the so-called craigslist killer allegedly found his victims by trolling through sex ads on the site. >> as craigslist shut down adult services the ads my great elsewhere. >> reporter: and a quick search reveals that some ads are still on the site. here in the beauty section, an offer for section sue alma sage. craigslist didn't reply to our request for an interview but on a company blog the chief executive writes that they are committed to aggressively
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combating violent crime. the question remains removing this link really combat anything at all? seth doan, cbs news, new york. the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer is due in court tomorrow. andrew barrientos was flown back the bay area thursday from san diego where he was arrested. todd young was gravely wounded trying to serve barrientos with a warrant last weekend in oakland. he remains hospitalised. barrientos is charged with 10 felonies including attempted murder. a memorial in martinez today marked the second anniversary of the fatal shooting of police officer paul starzik. two years ago starzik responded to a domestic dispute call. the gunman burst into a beauty salon looking for his estranged ex-wife. although mortally wounded he shot the gunman before he died. a college student who has an awful lot on her plate is
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tonight now looking for a new place to live. her house burned in a fire over the weekend. it's not just helpful she herself she has to worry about, she is raising research brother and sister on her own. >> reporter: for the part year past year the house in sinning dale was place. >> it was a safe haven. >> the cause is still under investigation but saturday afternoon firefighters say the blaze started in the kitchen and quickly burned out of control. sue uric and her family lost nearly everything. the 22-year-old says they have never had it easy. they say that sue should be the last person who should deal with a tragedy like this. that's because a year ago a judge granted her custody of her two younger teenaged siblings, that's because sue says their mother wasn't much of a mother at all. >> i just got to take care of the kids, i have to be the
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strong foundation for them, without that they are not -- they are going to grow up disadvantaged if they don't see someone stable, someone taking care of what needs to be taken care of. >> with their mother homeless and fighting drug addiction he took her 15-year-old brother and 16-year-old sister out of foster care. she didn't want to reveal their identities. she picked this place for the good schools and for the past year life was at normal for the college student working full- time raising two teenagers. for now, they live out of a mobile hotel with just a few faxes an photos and personal items they managed to salvage. >> material things you can replace but our family is what's going to keep us going through this. i think my family is going to get me through the hardest situations, my family is going to be the ones that are there for me when i need them. >> reporter: sue says it will take a while to get back on her feet but it will not be the first time her family will rise from the ashes.
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in sonning dale, cbs5. a fund has been setup for sue at chase bank. you can make donations at any branch to the sue or rick fire fund. checking other bay area headlines a fourth straight day of searching a pittsburgh landfill for a missing man has turned up nothing. 35-year-old frederick sales hasn't been seen since his father was found murdered in the hercules home they rented from the girlfriend of efren volunteer data marrow, he is suspected of killing the elderly sales. his girlfriend and two vallejo women. police killed him at the end of a chase. a man found dead behind a new arc office building today may have been shot last month, or rather last night. police heard gunfire when they were called to break up a crowd of 400 people following a pool party at nearby hotel. they didn't find any victims at the time but this morning they
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found 26-year-old julius hughes dead. two men could face criminal charges for an oil spill in the petaluma arena, 100 gallons of oil spilled when the men cut open the hull of an old boat they were trying to sami kapanen. cruz contained most of the oil but the two men will have to pay a private company to do the rest. tonight we're getting a look at the dramatic rescue of hasan jose team swept away by a strong river current. the 19-year-old was with friends and the current river when the water overtook him yesterday. he got stuck on a walk and rescue cruz tried to reach him by boat. they later decided to pluck him out of the water by helicopter. an ambulance was waiting for him when he reached land but he refused medical aid. a fire company bounces back from scandal. where mark heard will be swiping his key card next. >> dollar menu balloons at one
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bay area mcdonalds. it's not just the surprise but the politics are tough to swallow. >> you didn't come here to shop? >> not today. i want to say good-bye. >> a sad farewell for a supermarket. why shoppers complain it is a sign of the times. >> something happened here in the bay area here today that probably will not happen the rest of the year. i'll pinpoint your neighborhood forecast as "eyewitness news" continues right here on the cw.
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a new gig, at oracle. . it's official. former hewlett packard ceo mark
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hurd has a new gig at oracle. he'll be the company's copresident and member of the board. he resigned from high pressure in the wake of a sexual harassment investigation. oracle ceo larry allison came to hurd's defense at the time. hurd will replace charles phillips whose resignation was announced today. the president kicked off the fall campaign season by unveiling a new plan to put people to work building roads, railways, and runways. speaking to a crowd of movie members in milwaukee he pushed congress to get behind the six- year program. the initial $50 billion investment would be paid for by closing tax brakes for oil and gas production and multinational corporations. >> this many not only create jobs immediately, it's also going to make our economy hmm over the long hall. >> there isn't a lot that can be done to make a meaningful distance in the job market, not in the near time, 6 to 9
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months. >> republicans were quick to criticize the plan. senator john boner accused washington, d.c. of being on an out of control spending plan. it is planned to become law this year. >> there may be nothing such as a flee lunch. you'll find some pretty cheap eats under the golden arches but one mcdonalds is doing away with its dollar menu. some customers really aren't loving it. >> reporter: there is a mcflurry of activity in haight- ashbury which to some makes sense, 50 cents in fact. >> i don't want to patriot it if i don't have to. >> reporter: was it the hamburgler who stole the mcdonalds dollar menu from this one particular store? it's gone. you want a mcdouble? it's not double the price but now $1.50. >> i don't eat that stuff anyway. it says on wall in there, if you go in on the wall, it says you'll get cancer. >> reporter: we couldn't find such a sign and for that
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gentleman to be sitting where he was on the steps on the corner he legally would have had to buy something. i was okay. >> the day they took out the dollar menu was the same day they had the bathrooms shut down, we were like why are they trying to kick out the homeless, no dollar menu, no bathrooms, what are we again a do. >> reporter: tension between the homeless and the mcdonalds here has been as thick as a triple thick shake. some of the homeless think the end of dollar days is an attempt by the owner to make the restaurant less attractive to those without an address. >> address. >> i go in and buy something and i bought my food here and i'm going to sit here and eat it and i do and they get so mad. >> reporter: but some say that extra 50 cents is too much for them. in a statement to cbs5 natalie gonzalez says "speculation as to why i no longer offer menu items for $1 in this location is absolutely false this was a business decision based on a number of contributing
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factors." >> so does $1.50 rays, do you think it is aimed at the homeless. >> no i think it's aimed at the fact they can get the money, the extra 50 cents, nobody complains. >> reporter: and in fact you can still get a regular hamburger here for 99 cents, that's not filling enough say some of the homeless. this all comes with the backdrop of the cyst/lie ordinance which would make it illegal to sit or lie in in this neighborhood. anything having to do with the homeless is intensified in this neighborhood. in san francisco, mike sugarman, cbs5. her forecasts are priceless. do you know who i'm talking about? >> well i hope you won't want your money back on this one, today we had a high temperature, 64 degrees in half moon bay, 96 degrees in morgan hill. in the oakland area we have been watching the flag from the fly shifting around blown out of the west which means we have the return of the onshore flows. so bottom line is we're going to see some stratus tomorrow morning for the morning
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communities, temperatures in the 50s. a bit of localized in the north. it's pretty powerful for this time of the year, as it drags down in the southerly direction it's going to enhance the marine layer. so we'll start to see the redevelopment of the patchy fog tonight, overnight, tomorrow morning sun up at 6:43, clouds lining the coast moving into the bay, trying to play tag with the east bay, but then quickly retreating. the bottom line is we have a lot of cooler air mass on top of it so it's going to knock back our highs to 95 in livermore to 78 degrees, 8 degrees cooler in san jose, try 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa, 16 today 84 down to 62 degrees. we won't see temperatures in the mid-90s more than likely for mid-portion of the year. labor day is gone, summer gone, 50s, 60s, beaches tomorrow, mid- 70s across the santa clara valley, 73 degrees in malpete as. otherwise 82 degrees in walnut
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creek. the outside number will be 83. brently, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, otherwise also 83 at lake gilbert yes, sir a. sunshine in citizen on the beach. get a good look at our five-day forecast because the coolest day of all will be on wednesday and then thursday we should scrub out the low clouds, see more sunshine before we begin a cloud back up, back just in time for the weekend. but the temperatures take a huge hit especially on wednesday through friday. it's not even the end of summer until midnight and it's gone already. >> just like, you know, it came, barbecues are done, throw out the white shoes. >> all right. i'm gonna go now. amazing savings at a south bay supermarket. but these mark-downs are nothing to celebrate. big fish too... you know why?
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enjoying the warm weather on this labor day. and visitors to huntington park in san francisco got a little . parks all over the bay area were filled with people enjoying this warm weather on labor day and visitors to huntington park in san francisco got a little something extra. some prankster apparently poured soap into the elegant fountain which produced big whip cream blobs of bubbles. fun, no one seemed to know where they came from but they sure had a good time enjoying it. >> after nearly 7 decades in business a bay area supermarket chain is closing its doors. glen ramirez shows us long time customers say it is like losing members of their own family.
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>> reporter: the promise of big deep discounts at joey franco's pw market didn't affect people like cindy ryan you didn't come here to shop. >> no, not today, wanted to say good buy. >> reporter: these people mean that much to you. >> sure. people are everything. >> reporter: so it was for the last day of the supermarket chain. >> we have lived in our house for 35 years and shopped here 35 years. it's sad. >> reporter: like the passing of an old friend marty bon ham remembered the good old days. >> we would wring him in in his costume when he was 0 or 4, he would trick or treat down the aisles. >> reporter: these days it's the economy that's scary. >> it's sad you know. the way the economy is we all have our hopes, then you have something like this that's been an institute forever and that sha'ath terse a lot of that hopes. if something like this can close, think about what else is going on in the economy. >> reporter: pw markets was
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beaten on prices and marketing by the big box chain yet never had the cachet of big scale markets. it survived on customer service. >> customer service is very important and a lot of the big- box stores you're a face in the crowd. >> reporter: it was the way joey franco did business himself, 70 years ago. the former fruit picker opened in the east bay and would extend credit so they could pay him back when they could. but they closed stores after stores until the shutting of the last four stores. >> it's pushing out the smaller supermarket by making us go to safeway and whole foods and stuff like that, pushed out the competition, made the bigger chains more important than the small friendly people focused type of supermarkets. it's not helping me as a consumer. >> reporter: as a result of this chain going out of business 200 union members will lose their jobs, very good
10:24 pm
paying jobs with benefits, difficult to replace in a bad economy. in cupertino, len ra immediate as, cbs5. the giants have a chance to pull even in the west. i'm den esso done and boise state used to be david. this year they are goliath. [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney labor day mattress sale! all gold premium mattresses 50-60% off after $200 instant rebate. plus, get an additional $100 off beautyrest gold mattresses and $200 off beautyrest world class gold mattresses from simmons... featuring super pocketed coil springs to prevent motion disturbance and conform to your shape. after all, it's not just sleep, it's beautyrest. the jcpenney labor day mattress sale. new look. new day. who knew! jcpenney.
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the forty niners roster had a stronger arm than nate davis...apparently that didn't impress mike singletary... the am released last yea . no quarterbacks on the 49er roster had a stronger arm than nate davis, apparently that did not impress mike singletary. he released the former first round pick and signed -- >> diamonds backs and giants tied in the 11th nate schierholtz comes up with the triple. they put more pressure on the
10:27 pm
padres. 10 minutes to go, sandy -- 10 minutes ago san diego snapped their 10-game losing streak, beat dodgers 4-2 to remain 1 game up in the west. jays and mariners, coco crisp, brett anderson gets his first win in over a month. a's win 6-2. >> boise state, i said third ranked, trailing virginia tech with less than 2 to go. kelly moore finds austin pedestrian dis. the broncos beat the hokies 33- 30. u.s. open, top seed caroline wozniacki in the far court beets sharapova in straight sets, she is hot. final round of the douche -- >> what's that. >> deutsch bank championship. charlie ho man, a 62, turns that four-stroke deficit into a five shot when his first win on tour from 2007. a little distracted, i was thinking of caroline wozniacki.
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>> get your shirt right. >> we love when he blushes. we'll be back at 11:00. >> can you say youtube. >> i was deciding what to with my city thank you points when it happened again. and now, this. to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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